WordPress Tutorials slideshows

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WordPress Tutorials slideshows

For ease of access, I have created a series of WordPress Tutorials as PowerPoint presentations.

I often find people like to work through a tutorial as they perform the recommended actions on their website.

This can sometime be awkward if the source is a YouTube video or post on another site.

Starting and stopping videos each time you want to enact one of the recommendations.

Often the autoplay gets in the way, or the video restarts at the beginning…..urrrgghh.

Another common problem with the video is often the presentation speed of the audio. 

Also strong accent can mask important words or comprehension.

For those who get frustrated in that way, try these slideshow presentations.

They are also compatible to view in Google Slides.

Clicking any of the links below will open them in a new browser window.

From there you can download and use on your desktop to guide you through each process as you work on your website.

WordPress Tutorials

First time Login

This Tutorial guides you through your first time on your new site.

It gives you a general tour of the layout and where to find everything.

Having completed this tour you will have a better understanding of what makes up a WordPress website and how to work with it.


Plugins add additional functionality or extend functionality on your WordPress Website.

The variety of areas they address seems only limited by the imagination of the developers that create them.

There are thousands to choose from in the free Plugins directory.

Changing your Theme to Twenty-Seventeen

Changing the Theme of you newly installed WordPress website allows you to change the layout and appearance.

Certainly the customizer allows you to change basic things like colors, Header image etc. But not much more.

This WordPress tutorial shows the steps to quickly change your theme.

Changing your theme allows you to have a much more dramatic effect. Here we run through the process.


WordPress has the ability for visitors to leave comments on Posts on your Website.

But there are times when visitors may need to contact you directly in a more personal conversation.

This WordPress tutorial walks you through Adding a Contact Form.

This will then allow them to send you an email to initiate that conversation.

Here we run through adding the Contact Form.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

In this WordPress tutorial  we look at Page Builders How they add the ability to override the Theme layout.

From here you can achieve and cater for content displays not available in the default layout.

This gives you control to create almost anything you can imagine.

You can manipulate each element of the page individually and control its total appearance.






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