How long to build a website?

how long to build a website

How long to build a website?

People ask me how long to build a website. Well we really need to define what that means so we are on the same page. There are various stages of the process, so we need to understand at what point ‘ how long to build a website ‘ is achieved. I use WordPress as the software platform for building websites . It is solid and very user friendly. So all the suggestions you see here relate to that platform. From there we will have a common understanding and expectation.

For purposes of our discussion lets say fully built means:-

  • a site that is live on the web,
  • has the appearance and theme we are trying to promote
  • has the important functionality working.
  • has some content to add meaning to our sites message

Remember websites are intrinsically Dynamic in their nature.

They continually have new articles , posts and content added.
A new website will continue to grow in content.
So lets keep that in perspective when we talk about how long to build a website

Let’s look at the stages of how long to build a website in depth


Bare functioning Website

You can have a bare WordPress site live in as little as an hour.


Appearance and theme are aesthetics.
Searching for the look and knowing when you are happy with it is up to each individual.
But that said. If you spent some time planning your appearance before.
Selected a theme you like. Got a basic idea of your colors.
You can get your basic appearance and feel in less than an hour.
But it will probably take you longer as your curiosity will step in.
You will play around with the settings finding out what they can do.
But don’t worry it is early days.
Just get the basic going.
It’s a work in progress


Functionality is something that will grow as your site does.
Initially we want to get the site live.
Basic plugins we might start with should include a Contact form and Akismet spam protection.
Both free and easily setup. Akismet is set and forget. It takes only takes 5 or 10 minutes to set up.
A contact form plugin like Contact Form 7 (CF-7) takes a couple of minutes to install and activate.
Then you create a Page called ‘Contact’ for it to live (another couple of minutes).
Budget an hour to cover curiosity while doing this basic setup.


Content is what a website is all about. The longer a site is online, the more content it usually has.

Don’t lose heart. Every new website starts with nothing.
It will only grow as you add more new content.
It is really helpful to write posts or articles ahead of time so you can drop them into your website as we get to this stage.
It may not be perfect but remember you are still learning.
You can go back in and change or edit everything at any time to make it look better.
Read this article for help.

All in all, with the right preparation, you can get your Website setup and running with less than an afternoons work.
From there you can learn and build as you go.
Have fun and enjoy your new found skill.

How long does it take for a website to go live?

A website can be live from the moment the WordPress software and Domain name are installed and configured on a server.
As you see below it will takes a little longer before it can be readily found on the internet across the world. 

Your website is identified by it’s Domain Name.

Each Domain name is on a register at the provider.

That register must have information called DNS records. (Domain Name Server).

These records tell the internet what server is Hosting that Domain name.

From the time your DNS records pops up on the hosting server 

It takes about 48 hours for major hubs around the world to have updated DNS and know where your site is.

This will not restrict or adversely affect you finding or working on your site. 


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