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How do I get a personal Website

So why would people ask me “How do I get a personal Website”? Today, everybody has the opportunity and tools to have a presence online. Many of us already have a presence in multiple Social Media platforms. It’s just the way the world connects these days.

These social media platforms consume a lot of our attention. We nurture our identity on a daily basis.

We make lots of connections with people who can range from close family and  friends, distant friends, business associates and acquaintances of all types.

Many of us have added pages in apps like Facebook where we run Shops, take business orders, run niche blogs, social groups and the list goes on.

What would we do without it? It is a great tool.

Well that is till it all comes crashing down. God forbid it should ever happen to you or me.

– but it does happen to people and on a regular basis.

Facebook locking

There are many things that can cause such a catastrophe, there are also many unexplained causes also. If you have been on Facebook for a while, I am sure you have heard of people losing access to their account. People hacking their Identity, Facebook locking them out for no apparent reason or alternately because they broke a rule unwittingly. They may have intentionally transgressed also. Simple thing is, that it does happen. You may be able to appeal to Facebook and get back up and running – you may not. You may have to create a new “you” and build it from scratch.

This scenario can play out in a similar way on any social media platform simply because you have no control over it, you are a guest and can lose access at any whim of the platform owners.

Get a personal Website

There is an option. Use your own platform as a solid home for your identity.

Get a personal website on a CMS (Content Management System) where you can do so many things. 

A personal website  is also capable of posting to the various social media platforms. Post your website links to all your social media.

If any of the social media sites lock you out, your followers can still find you on your website.

Many people toy with the idea but lack the knowledge to make it happen. When in fact it is so easy and great fun too.

You have seen Advertisements for Wix, SquareSpace and a number of other options where they say get a website where it is ‘All done for you”.

But also know there are many things you want to do yourself. These platforms restrict your freedom in these areas.

Often you find you have to buy critical freedoms with annual subscriptions.

Again the platform is controlled by someone else.

Very quickly you can find yourself paying more than hosting WordPress with a regular hosting company. 

WordPress is an Open Source CMS. Open source means it is free to install, change and even re-distribute if you choose. 

WordPress comes in two flavours. WordPress.Org and  Click here for the official definition.

With WordPress .com we don’t have full control or freedom. It has commercial goals. It is much like the companies in the previous paragraph.

We want the .org flavour. It gives us the freedoms we are searching for.

So what does it take build personal website ?

  • A domain name – this is the name of your website
  • such as
  • WordPress hosting – this is where your website files are stored.
  • 45 minutes of your undivided attention to get  your site live.

Want to know more? It is not hard to do.

It just requires that you follow a series of steps in a logical order.

Most of it entails entering selections or text in form fields.

You will find yourself wondering what you were afraid of.

Read this post to get started  Setup Hosting, get a Domain name and install WordPress

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