G-Suite A Tool worth considering

Google G-Suite. 

or Google Apps as it was previously named, is something worth considering. It comes in multiple levels starting at free for 14 days. 

G-Suite allows you to use or create your professional email address for your domain and further improves email deliverability. But that’s only the start….

What is a professional email address? It is an email address that incorporates your domain name. Not @Yahoo or @gmail of some other mailers domain. If your site domain name was “” then your professional email should be “

A professional email address give you authority and gives people confidence when dealing with you.

So how do we do it?

First you obviously need to have a website. Which means you have a domain name. Next you need G-Suite. For a website owner it offers some very unique abilities not found anywhere else on the web. When you sign up, you get to use your Domain name for the new G-Suite account. Then you create email address at that domain name. You get mailboxes for those email addresses that are accessed on the Gmail platform but with your domain suffix instead of the .gmail suffix.

There are many mail providers around. Even the ones you will see given as free with some web hosting. The plain truth is that there is not another platform out there that comes even close the the Google Gmail interface and platform. It is easy to use, intuitive, clean, flexible and has endless connectivity with other applications. Its just the winner hands down.

While there is a monthly cost involved for G Suite it is small. Even just for the Google Drive quota that comes with the G-Suite account it is the cheapest space on the web.

So what is the rundown?

  • You register an account using a domain name you own.
  • Once you are up and running, you will have – an authentic professional email address at your domain.
  • All your mail will be authenticated through Googles worldwide servers. Just add the MX records etc where they guide you to.
  • You only need one G Suite for all your Domains. You can add the others under ‘Other domains you own” then immediately generate a professional  email address for each. No additional cost, zilch!!
  • As the administrator for your G Suite account, Google then guides you thru connecting and authenticating each one, to its domain.
  • All mail sent to each of those new mail addresses will be delivered to your primary Gmail box for your G Suite account.
  • In that Gmail box you already have tools and settings, that allow  you to send-as.
  • You add a send-as  identity for each domain in settings. Its really easy.
  • You also get more storage on Google Drive,
    • a regular Gmail account has 15gb , (soon changing to Google One)
    • but a Basic G Suite account has 30gb
    • and a G Suite Business account with have less than 5 users has 1tb
    • If you have more than 5 users on a G Suite Business account. – unlimited
  • This is great if you are looking for somewhere to do website backups, store images, documents etc.
  • Google-Drive is also a great place to serve as download repository for your site. Makes Google your personal CDN.
  • Google Drive upload and download is so much slicker than many of the major competition, especially OneDrive.
  • You have all the regular apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Hangouts and many more unique to G Suite (free and paid)
  • You can add other users if you decide to branch out or grow a business. 
  • Google+is being discontinued for personal users as it never met Googles expectations in its current format. A major overhaul and repurposing is underway. Google is closing all personal accounts in the second quarter of 2019 , except for G-Suite users. Watch this space!!!

Multiple domains requiring G-Suite email address

If you are like so many people and have been on the web for a while, me included. You probably have multiple email addresses, multiple cloud based storage accounts and maybe multiple websites or domains in various apps. 

Wouldn’t it be simpler to deal with if it was all in one place?

How many of those other resources are free and how many cost you money? Even if its only a few bucks a month?

This might be a way to consolidate things, save a few bucks, and see it all in one place.

The benefits listed above are not available anywhere else in a single cheap package.

Don’t like Google? Seriously they should really be your best friend if you are on the web.

 And they can be – really its the only game in town. Make it work for you, not against you.


As I sit back reading this… It sounds so much like an Advertisement for Google G-Suite. 

I am sorry. But they do have the goods. And it’s all in one place. 

It’s in their best interests to make the Web work and they know how to do that so well. 

They offer the tools to make it happen. 

And yes I do have have it. In fact I had 2 until I realized one was enough for all my domains.

I had two Basic Google G Suite.  accounts costing me $5 each per month. Each had 30gb of drive space.

I upgraded one account to G-suite Business account for $10 a month and closed the other. I added the domain from the closed account to the remaining account. I now pay the same as I was paying before for two accounts, have 1TB of Drive storage, and all the mail for a dozen domains coming to one inbox. 

You will have noticed the links throughout, which I hope covered any questions I failed to answer here.  

Google has provided me with referral codes with the explicit proviso “Please distribute unique promotion codes directly to your contacts“and “These Australian promotion codes are for referrals located in Australia”. So I cannot publish them here. Subscribe And i will send them to you.


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