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Dynamic content sites vs Static content sites

I think you understand what you like and what you dislike about websites you visit when you are on the net.

Generally there are two styles of sites. Some are called “Dynamic’ and some are called “Static”.

The most interesting sites are “Dynamic”. These are sites which are continually offering new material.

They regularly have new posts. This is dynamic content. Always fresh things to see.

WordPress sites are very good at supporting this Dynamic nature.

Originally created as a blogging framework, the default setup for the frontpage is set to latest posts.

Each time a visitor returns, they will see your latest work or Posts. Each time it will be a new experience. People like new experiences.

Again this is Dynamic Content.

This is why WordPress is so successful. People see something new each time they come.

Static content sites

Yes there are parts of these sites that are also static.

These would include information that does not change very often.

Obviously things like an ‘About’ page that describes you or your sites purpose.

Generally the “vision statement” for your site would be consistent and “Static”.

These would probably not change much or often.

A ‘Contact form’ or page would also fall into this same category.

A Dynamic content site still needs these static resources to aid visitors navigation of your site. Your front page Menu is the tool to make this possible

Nowadays fully Static sites are mostly the domain of corporate, government, educational, or institutional websites.

These are a resource heavy to enable people to search for information that does not change a lot.

Menus and links often occupy the most prominent features of their front page.

Companies like the big Brand names Nike, Adidas etc used to be this way. But not for a while now.

They changed dramatically when they realized the opportunities for marketing dictated that a more “Dynamic Content” approach was beneficial.

The whole nature of their business’s selling sporting goods aligns better with Dynamic content and appearance.

Social Media sets the premmiss

We are very social creatures, the success of social media proves that. Its 100% about being Dynamic.

We very quickly realise this is important. There is no question about the power of social media news feeds and timelines.

First we need to be “Dynamic”. We must also be relevant. And to do well we need to build Authority.

You can see my Facebook page here for a quick refresh on social media Dynamic appearance .

The road forward

Plan your front page to be your blog. Get the best value from its regula Dynamic content.

It is critical to have good and relevant images in each and every new post.

The image is often the number one hook that grabs people’s curiosity to read the post.

  • Every time you make a new post it will automatically be the first thing that appears so returning visitors don’t get bored.
  • They will continue to come back and they will also spread the word for you.
  • Decide what is the static content that will appear on your site. Make pages for each.
  • Consider also having a Post Archive where people can search all your previous Posts.
  • This will value add to all the hard work you put into older posts. 

Get the best use by keeping them easily available to readers.

See these ways to make your older Blog Posts easily available to returning readers


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