Communicate with your audience

So whats next? – Communicate !!

Your website is up and running. and you are becoming more at home managing it. Now it is time to focus on how you communicate with your readers.

You have so many new skills as listed below.

  • My website is up and running.
  • I know how to write a post and a page.
  • I know how to publish my pages to the frontpage menu so people can navigate to them.
  • I have a contact form published on the site so people can send me email.
  • I have some plugins added that help me add functionality to my website.
  • I know it is important to handle photos and media so they don’t slow my sites load times.

This is where you have arrived now. But what do I do next?

In the last tutorial we learned to keep our Website “Dynamic”. We need to keep a regular flow of posts or offers, depending on the focus of your website.

Don’t forget – a website is foremost a medium through which we communicate with people.

Keep the conversation going and your site will bloom. Go quiet for too long and the conversation breaks down.

Make the communication – priority number one.

Next you need to keep your site easy to navigate.

Keep it clean and uncluttered.

If you are making offers of products or your services – keep the number on any one page sensible.

Remember, communicate does not mean you bombard people with more than they can absorb.

It is too easy to loose your visitors focus if there is too many dissimilar things going on in a single space.

Spread it around the other pages of your website, rotate the offers to other locations occasionally.

If your site has more than one topic or focus, then use your Menu to organise and separate them.

Try to make your offers relevant to the the dialogue of the page or post you publish them on.

Consider that if you were posting an article or post on Pet care, then an offer of grooming accessories would be most suitable. You would not be offering personal cosmetics in the same space.

Less is more!! 

Don’t create a sea diverse material. It very quickly starts to feel very commercial and hard sell.

People become less open to your message and your offers. But offer value in your posts.

Communicate by describing a solution to a problem they may be experiencing.

Then offering a product you endorse that compliments it.

Offering your solution is very reasonable and often appreciated.

The web is a big place,

Many millions of people with different needs search the internet every day.

Focus your message so the people with the same interests as you can find you.

There is no value having a thousand visitors come to your site when only one hundred of them resonate with your niche.

You are wasting your time and resources. Communicate cleanly about what you offer. 

Running advertisements on websites is quite common.

There are many marketing companies and programs you can sign up for to do this. But be realistic about its value.

Often you create an area in a side bar, footer or header and place the ad companies code within it.

The code links with their software that then rotates their clients adverts through that position on your website.

You have little control over what products or services appear there.

You usually can choose the categories you wish not to appear on your site but it is still quite vague.

It is quite possible ads may clash or conflict with the message you are trying to communicate to your followers.

The value of revenue from the ads is often less than the conflict they can cause.

Building a strong following

The more followers your site has, the more “Dynamic” it can be.

Find ways to reward your visitors for returning to your site.

Use a newsletter plugin like MailPoet to keep them updated on new or recent posts.

Offer free downloads as a means of securing their email address for future newsletters and notifications.

If you are selling product from your website  (Woocommerce) – send them notification of new items or promotions.

Build your following. The more people you have as followers, then the more people may recommend you to new visitors.

Use a Quiz to get new Ideas for Posts

Sometimes you may run out of Ideas for your next post. When this happens try creating a Quiz.

You can easily do this if you use Google. If you have a Google ID you have access to many apps.

One of them is Quizzes. You can create a new Quiz in Google Forms then embed the link in a post on your site.

Think a little about the question you put in the Quiz. Make it multiple choice. Give them 3-6 possible answers each with a checkbox.

Google tabulates the answers people enter and return results for you to utilize.

It’s an easy way to find out a little more about your followers and what is interesting to them.

Now you know what theme your next post should be. Depending on how you formulate your quiz, you may be set for your next half a dozen posts.

This is a sure fire way to stay relevant to your audience. Communicate the topics they want to hear and keep them coming back.

Take what you can from guide above and start refining some of the critical areas of your site.

It won’t happen overnight so be patient. As you continue posting and promoting and managing your site, it will all come together. 

I hope I answered some questions and gave some insight for you to follow.

Join me here in my up coming posts – see you then.


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