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Build me a Website #1

Are you interested in having a website but are apprehensive about where to start? Please build me a Website. Maybe you are a little daunted by new unfamiliar terms? Well, give me a call. I can do it for you/ with you and guide you through at various levels to suit individual needs.

Basic Nothing started(build me a website)

“I can get it up and running “
I can guide you to sign up for web hosting with your prefered provider.
Help you secure the Domain name of your choice. ( I need your involvement here for you to take ownership of these items)
Get the initial install of WordPress installed and live.
Choose a suitable Theme for the overall appearance of your  website.
Configure the important start up settings.
Configure Homepage – Banner and image.
Create primary pages:- About, Home, Blog, Contact, Post Archive, Privacy policy.
Install the basic required plugins so your site has the required functionality.
Install contact forms and configure email settings.
Guide you through basic usage and maintenance of your site.

I am Started but stuck (build me a website)

“I can sort out the issues and give you a stable site to move forward”
I can check your basic setup and correct where necessary.
Configure your plugins. existing menus and pages.
Ensure your email is working and correct if necessary.
Add plugins for functionality.
Configure Social media buttons. 
Guide you to a greater understanding in the working environment.

Existing site but need help

“I can help you mould it into your vision”
Evaluate where your site development is now.

Take stock of where you want it to be.
Develop a plan to implement changes.
Implement and refine changes.
Guide you through the process we used so you can fine tune future changes yourself.

Existing site requiring re-work and ongoing maintenance

“I can take away the load and keep it percolating along”
You Have a site but it needs updating.

You continue to add content but short of time to do much more.
You need someone to do the basic maintenance.
You need someone to keep the site optimised and loading well.

A website is a truly exciting adventure that can grow to so much more.

Remember that your website is a reflection of you or the concept you are displaying there.

People see that through the content you add to your site.

Same as with a social media account it is the accumulation of your thoughts and communications with those who read it.

Only you can write that content for it to be unique and valuable to readers.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time you write.

I may do the “build me a website” task but it will still be about you

It is your “voice” the way you write that appeals to your followers.

So your opinions on current affairs or whatever is trending is also unique just because it is you writing it.

Keep your content/posts fresh and relevant, and you will draw a meaningful following of people.

A website is an invaluable way of drawing like minded people into your life or community.

As you grow your site, it becomes a great asset with the potential to also earn a side income.

For many that has led to a full time income replacement. Just something to think about.

There are many people that started side hustles through personal websites. 



Send me a message on the contact form and lets talk about how we can help get you up and running without further delay.


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