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To build a WordPress website is a very popular thing to do. It’s probably the most user friendly and effective platform on the internet. With that popularity has come the need for experienced users and developers to answer this question of ” what goes into build a wordpress website”.


The basic things needed to build a WordPress website.


First of all you need WordPress loaded on hosting hosting provider.
Every website on the internet exists as a software package running on a server somewhere.
We need a subscription to one of these servers where we can load an instance of WordPress software.
This will be our site. 

Themes: –

WordPress has thousands of free Themes to download and install.
All of which can be fine tuned to give a unique appearance for your site.
The WordPress software makes our website live.
Themes – just like a new suit of clothes – defines its appearance.
Not all themes look like the Thumbnail pictures they show in the theme directory, when you first install them.
(some do and its called “sample data”you can enable or disable).
The thumbnail is just there to show what is possible.
This is intentional or every second website on the internet would look the same.
Some people would never change the colors, pictures etc to arrive at their own unique appearance.

Plugins (Free): –

WordPress has thousands of free to download and install plugins.
All the functionality you need can be achieved with these. Plugins add functionality.
We install them to extend our websites capabilities.

Plugins (Paid ): –

Some are one-time purchase, some are monthly/annual subscriptions.
Same as above but most Paid plugins offer premium level functions.
Usually linked to premium or subscription services

Maintenance :-

After the site is running , with a little experience, you confident to learn the required maintenance.

This includes:-

  • updating your plugins,
  • checking for errors,
  • checking your site load speed etc.

If your site becomes really busy you spend a lot of time posting new content and, communicating with your followers.
You may feel the need to offload some of the general maintenance tasks to a third party.
Many people do this.
They have a maintenance contract whereby they pay a monthly fee to a WordPress developer for upkeep of the system.

Alternately you take care of the general maintenance yourself.
But call him in on an hourly rate to troubleshoot and fix problems or add new functionality.
Many times it is very cost effective.
They often take minutes to troubleshoot and fix problems.


What does it all Cost?

You can get up and running for $100-500. Off your own back $100 is easily achievable.
Using outside help will increase that cost.
Some things you may be willing to pay others to do.
It depends on what value you put on your time.
Consequently $200, $300, $400 or $500.
What is your personal time worth?
You are in control.

You will see business or corporate websites costing a lot more than this. Remember this is not us!!

It’s not uncommon for a business website go  as high as $30,000. Corporate websites very much more.
They may have many inhouse software systems that need to integrate with their website.
A lot of the costs would also be designing custom graphics and corporate livery.
This process is always expensive. Call them branding costs.
Its an area companies always spend a lot of money to maintain.
They need consistency of appearance whether it be in store, in print, in the electronic media or on websites.
Colors must match, text fonts remain consistent, and themes reinforcing their message.
It’s important to know what type of website you are building,  because that will directly affect your cost.

How Long does it take to -build a wordpress website? Click the link to the article below.

How long does it take to build a wordpress website?


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