Course Delivery Platform

Course Delivery Platform

Courses are tailored to each individual learner.

  • Flexibility is the key to teaching English.
  • Matching students existing knowledge with missing knowledge is the challenge.
  • One on one learning is the perfect answer.
  • Course materials are delivered to each learners needs.
  • Nobody gets left behind to struggle alone.

Our platform for learning English does require learners to have access to the internet. In many instances, our students come from less prosperous countries, cultures or backgrounds not owning a personal computer. But this is rarely a barrier in today's world where smartphones and internet cafes are more the norm than the exception. I am regularly amazed at the ingenuity many of these students exhibit overcoming such hurdles. They want to learn - and they do. If you are able to access the Internet then you can access Google no matter where you are. That is why we built our learning platform around their services.

  • Google Hangouts is used to deliver our live one on one lessons.
  • Google Classroom:-As with any learning or course there will be reading, writing, quizzes, assignments the student needs access to during and after each lesson. For this, we use Google Classroom. Each student has a page where they can see and interact with previous, current or future lesson material. They can complete and submit work for review by the teacher. They can also ask questions and send messages where necessary to the teacher.
  • Google Drive backs up our Classroom and stores all classes, lessons and student work. Nothing gets lost. The majority of the school and student resources also reside in Drive for reliable access.

Google Classroom's purpose is to facilitate paperless communication between teachers and students and streamline educational workflow. Classroom allows teachers to create classes, post assignments, organize folders and view work in real-time. Each student will receive a login to Google Classroom. From here Course content, learning material,  quizzes, assignments are added as we progress thru the course. Students can complete and submit home and other work here. 


We store resources and course material in Google Drive. Doing so allows fast availability to our learners anywhere in the world. Each student in our online classroom receives lesson material and documents straight from our Drive. No remote databases, slow servers or network overloads to interrupt the process or distract from the learning experience. Using Classroom in conjunction with Drive takes advantage of Google's network and connectivity built into all their products.  


Hangouts is a video conferencing tool that allows users to collaborate at a distance, instant message, video chat, and share photos, computer screens, and files.  It can be accessed online or through mobile apps for iOS and Android. Chat histories and files are saved online, available to sync between different devices. Hangouts is a great tool to engage students in collaboration in a virtual classroom. It overcomes geographical barriers and provides more opportunities for face-to-face communication.

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