Teacher Brendan

Hi, I am Brendan Ryan and I would like to welcome you all here to “Teacher Brendan”. I specialize in teaching the English language to people from other cultures where English is not the primary language. I cater for beginners through to Business and vocational English learners. Lessons are delivered one-to-one in online learning classes. I also cater for small groups of less than 10 students. Courses are a combination of one-hour lessons using Google hangouts. Between lessons, students will have material to learn and material to submit before the next lesson. I use Google Classroom for this so so it is all digital and no hard copies or email attachments to worry about. Students have direct access to this material throughout the course. They can also download anything they wish to retain long-term.

Below is a short sample video of a student in Thailand I tutored-for an associate one evening. He was good enough to record video of us working together. You will notice the setting is a classroom of a language school (Koh Samui, Thailand) but the student can be at home or anywhere they can access a computer and get online.

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