Speed test- Is my site Fast or slow?


Speed test- Is my site Fast or slow?

Here we will talk about speed tests and what factors we can fine tune for optimum performance of our Website. 

We all want a fast website. Personal experience proves a slow loading website  is a turn-off.

We hit the back button and try another site. How do we determine how our site performs for visitors. Not just us?

First remember you spend a lot of time in your site. Your browser caches information for your subsequent visits.

It loads quickly for you because of that. But not so for new visitors.

We have to view our website the way our visitors will see it. When our website loads, it does so in their browser window.
All the code and information that renders your website is transferred to “their browser” which assembles it to display your site.
The speed at which that happens is the difference between being a fast or slow site.

We don’t want a slow site, people won’t wait for it to load.

Let’s do a speed test

To test this we first need to use one of the many online Speed test tools. Below are my favoured ones

WebPageTestGTmetrix   Pingdom

Google PageSpeed is also available but of recent times it is not so intuitive nor easy to understand as other speed test sites.. Let’s leave it out for what we are doing here.

Here I am using WebPageTest  speed test site.
(Click on the link – it will open in a new tab)

Enter your website domain name in the test box then press test.
It will run a diagnostic of your site loading. It will then list what resources were loaded.

At the top of the resulting speed test report we see the view in the image below.

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