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A Himalayan Adventure – Foreword


Brendan Thomas Ryan

In late 2001, I found myself divorced, between jobs and unclear as to what the future held. Struggling and depressed at 45 years of age I felt lost and powerless. I needed to press the reset button. In a moment of frustration, I booked a trek to the Khumbu (Mt Everest) region of the Nepal Himalayas. I needed to find clarity, refocus and find a way forward. It seemed like the right place to do this.

In the 3 months before flying to Nepal I needed to get fit. A change of diet and running 10 kilometres morning and evening I lost 20kg in 2 ½ months. I lived in a small bedsit in the hills. The steep gradients were tortuous, it was perfect preparation for what was ahead.

As a member of a writer’s group I had written short stories and started some longer manuscripts. As I prepared for the Himalayan Trek, I made myself a promise to keep a daily diary as material for future use. This book is the record of this trek laid out as a daily diary with all the thoughts, trials and tribulations associated with such an adventure.

This book is a record of adventure and personal achievement. But is became so much more. The writing of the book was an achievement that continued the adventure. The personal achievement of writing a book cover to cover. From that stemmed the hope that anybody reading this book may be inspired to follow their most improbable dreams would add even more meaning to these few pages.

A dream can becomes reality when we act on it. I had reached a point where more of the same life I was living was not an option. Something had to change. I chose a dream that many have, but so few believe they will ever achieve. I chose to visit Mt Everest and I made it happen. A Himalayan Adventure.

 Why Everest? Because it’s there. Because Everest is often called the roof of the world. Because there is nowhere higher, because so few others would achieve it. To prove to myself I was no less capable or remarkable than the next guy. Did I climb the Mountain? No not the Peak. But that was not the goal. It was all about pushing my personal envelope, seeing what was possible, what I was capable of. And the answer was so much more than I had previously believed.

 For those that are curious, or even about to take a similar journey or Trek, there may be some answers on what to expect or prepare for. I would be really happy if my recounts were the impetus for you to take that final decision to chase your personal Everest.

 The world is a beautiful place, just open your eyes and go out and experience it. The people and culture you will meet will open and change your perception of so many things. At the very least they will change your perception of what it means to be you.

 For the better – believe me


Brendan T Ryan


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