Remote working post Covid-19


For those of you building a website, to escape the 9 to 5 treadmill.

Here is a quote from an email I received today,

The way we work has changed forever. The remote work revolution is here to stay. But have YOU adapted your business?

More and more businesses are turning to freelancers to get work done quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

In fact, more than 40% of executives expect to increase their use of freelancers over the next five years.

You can’t afford to get left behind by the remote work revolution.

So post your first project today. Start your business on the road to success and get ahead of the curve.

The world is changing. Will you? (source:-


We know remote work has been around for a while as a smaller part of the world we live in. In 2020 the Covid-19 phenomenon broke a lot of previous conceptions about was and was not possible. We could never have conceived that things like international borders, flights and trade, could ever be shut down the way they were.

We could never have believed governments in so many countries would dare impose the restrictions they did.

It just broke every preconception we had of what was possible.

There are many side effects depending on what viewpoint you take. Lots of positives as well as the obvious negatives.

The biggest positive of all? We are capable of change. We can jump off the treadmill. We choose our destiny. Group-think can be broken free of.

Remote workers and Expats

What does this mean for the Expat who by definition is a remote worker. It means it’s time to change gears.

The opportunities to work while you travel or live in a wide variety of countries are opening up.

More employers have been looking hard for ways to insure themselves against future events like Covid-19.

They are more receptive to having remote workers.

Once they get to that conclusion, its not a big step to consider that distance is now not a factor.

Their remote workforce can be in local suburbs, the other side of their home country, and you guessed it the other side of the planet.

Doors previously closed to the Online Expat are opening. It also opens the door for people looking to escape the 9-5 treadmill.


The statement I quoted above was from an email newsletter from They were were highlighting what they call “The Gig Economy”.

If you have ever spent any time curious about that working for yourself, you will be aware of Freelancer and quite a few similar platforms.

These pay per task based platforms support a lot of remote work from home entrepreneurs. 

These are usually fixed term “Gigs” for a particular task. But there are regularly tasks that can span many months.

Maybe someone wants a Website developer on staff but not permanently. A Freelancer is the ideal solution.

The future landscape

With more employers thinking about the structure of their workforce, they will be more inventive and open in their options.

The trick for Expats and Treadmill defectors is to stay informed, follow the shift in thinking. It will never be the same again.

The need to be connected with sources involved in this discussion is an important step.

Watch how the changes manifest. Watch the wording of Position Vacant adds – these will all change.

Identify positions that may also accept a remote worker. 

Write a convincing argument in job submissions as to why a particular job may be handled remotely.

And don’t forget, a lot of us Expats have chosen to live in countries where the cost of living is significantly cheaper.

We can still ask a comfortable salary less than it would cost the employer in their own economic area.

There can be a lot of cost savings for the employer.

They are spending a lot of time crunching the numbers – Where are the costs? where are the savings?


Update WordPress, Themes, Plugins


Update WordPress, Themes, Plugins

You do need to update WordPress , it’s Plugins and Themes. Keeping your website up to date goes a long way to ensure it works seamlessly. It helps to keep the wheels turning without unnecessary friction. 

From time to time WordPress introduces new code into the core files. These are intended to make the whole system run better. They introduce new capabilities, fix compatibility issues and fine tune security. Depending on your settings the WordPress updates will auto install or alternately appear in your dashboard for you to manually install.

In the case of major updates, you may need to manually click to install even if you have set to auto. This is just a safe guard giving you opportunity to do any housekeeping or backup first.

Just as WordPress has updates, so do your installed plugins. WordPress makes the core file updates available to developer before release to the general public. They do this to give plugin developers and authors time to test their plugins with the changed WordPress core files. They can then decide to release updates for their plugins to accommodate the WordPress changes if necessary. This is how they stay ahead of the game. So when we update WordPress on our sites, their plugins are ready to go.

While there may not be any conflicts to fix, many plugin authors may take the opportunity to release any incremental updates they were working on. It also allows for their plugin to report compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

Let’s update WordPress 

Stone staircases

Stone staircases

Stone staircases

Stone staircases in the Khumbu region Nepal Himalayas can be quite a workout physically and mentally. Physically because of the rarefied atmosphere (0.4bar) and mentally because often they are sticking out of the side of the mountain with very long drops down into the valley below. They can be built on a semi-vertical rock wall. Holes are bored in the rock, timbers wedged into the holes then flat rocks piled on the protruding timbers. Other places there may be a narrow ledge where large slabs of rock partially overhang the ledge to increase its width.

Himalayan Rescue Pheriche

Himalayan Rescue Pheriche

Himalayan Rescue

This is a view down into the valley and the town of Pheriche, Nepal Himalayas south of Mt Everest. Pheriche is also the site of the highest medical rescue group in the world. Here you will find the Himalayan Rescue associations outpost where volunteer doctors and medical staff care for climbers and Trekkers suffering at altitude. They perform a critical service in one of the remotest locations on the planet.

See my post on my book A Himalayan Adventure for more

A Himalayan Adventure – Foreword

Brendan Thomas Ryan

A Himalayan Adventure – Foreword


Brendan Thomas Ryan

In late 2001, I found myself divorced, between jobs and unclear as to what the future held. Struggling and depressed at 45 years of age I felt lost and powerless. I needed to press the reset button. In a moment of frustration, I booked a trek to the Khumbu (Mt Everest) region of the Nepal Himalayas. I needed to find clarity, refocus and find a way forward. It seemed like the right place to do this.

In the 3 months before flying to Nepal I needed to get fit. A change of diet and running 10 kilometres morning and evening I lost 20kg in 2 ½ months. I lived in a small bedsit in the hills. The steep gradients were tortuous, it was perfect preparation for what was ahead.

As a member of a writer’s group I had written short stories and started some longer manuscripts. As I prepared for the Himalayan Trek, I made myself a promise to keep a daily diary as material for future use. This book is the record of this trek laid out as a daily diary with all the thoughts, trials and tribulations associated with such an adventure.

This book is a record of adventure and personal achievement. But is became so much more. The writing of the book was an achievement that continued the adventure. The personal achievement of writing a book cover to cover. From that stemmed the hope that anybody reading this book may be inspired to follow their most improbable dreams would add even more meaning to these few pages.

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