Life is a team effort.

If you choose you can simply focus inwardly to help yourself. But this limits you as to how much you can really achieve. More importantly it limits us to how much you can really grow as a person.

Conversely, you can focus outwardly. You help others in whatever their needs may be. You build an environment where everyone helps and is helped in their endeavors. The end result is more achieved by more people in a nurturing environment. An environment where everybody benefits, gets value and is valued.

I was born in the United Kingdom to an Irish father and an English mother. Having traveled throughout England and Ireland at the early age of 10 I migrated to Australia.  On his journey, I traveled through the Portuguese Canary Islands,  Southern Africa, and Cape Town before arriving in Western Australia.

Educated in Australia I then worked in various industries gaining a diverse set of skills in the formal business world and the school of life. Further formal studies through a combination of external and University courses secured qualifications in Business Management and Marketing along with Inventory and Warehousing Logistics. Studies in Communications and people management seemed to resonate at a deeper level for me.

Juggling my professional career and personal life I also found time to campaign a series of vehicles in motorsport competition. Building all of my own vehicles I competed as a driver in Rally Cars in State and National events over a period of 27 years. I assisted three International Teams competing in the World Rally Championship rounds held in Australia over a five year period. During this time managing and marketing sales of Dunlop Motorsport tyres, I was trained by Sumitomo/ Dunlop as an Advanced Motorsport tyre technician. My skills and knowledge were used over Race, Rally, and Kartsport in the Australian arena.

An interest in reading and essay writing resonated with my curiosity about people and culture. Further to this, I studied formal and speculative writing in my spare time. More interested in the pleasure of writing than the need to be published I continued to write short stories and short pieces on a regular basis. A side road to this appeared with an interest in website construction where large amounts of copy are required to flesh out and fill associated pages and blogs.

With a love of meeting new cultures, I traveled regularly in Australasia and South East Asia. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, KL, Thailand, Laos and Nepal further fueling my passion for people and culture. Trekking in the Himalayas I met the Sherpa people as well as the Tibetan people displaced since Chinese occupation of their country by the Chinese state. In the shadow of Mt Everest, I made notes in a journal which later become an introspective memoir of my experiences and thoughts on the roof of the world.

With a need to follow my interest in people I left the corporate world to follow a more fulfilling path. Training and gaining certification as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and TESL. I built my natural teaching style in multiple settings to varied types of students. Primary and secondary government schools in Thailand. Also private English schools on Koh Samui. Business English for hotels, spas and tourist-oriented businesses. Later I decided to offer tutelage online using a virtual classroom. Working online gives me the freedom to work remotely from any location within range of the internet.


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