Websites – This is How they work


Websites – This is how they work

Most people don’t know what is actually  going on when they visit a website. They don’t care to know. But when it comes to running your own site it is important to understand the mechanics of how it works.
It starts by getting over the commonly used word “visit” a website. It is an unfortunate use of words because it masks the reality of what is really happening.

For those of us that own or manage a website, we need to be very aware of the actual process. 

So what actually happens. 

In the same way that we watched a concert on TV, we did not actually go to the concert.
It came to us on our TV screen. Our TV whether cable, satellite or via antenna, picked up a “signal” that contained all the digital data to display the concert. As motion occurs, parts of the screen refresh and change.

We all use web browsers in a similar way to TV channels. Sure its a loose comparison but it works.

We download a batch of digital files. Then our  browser builds a representation of a website on our computer screen. We generally mistake the complexity of what a web browser does and take it for granted.

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