Preparing for your Website

prepare for your website

Preparing for your Website

Preparing for your website is the one sure way to help the build go smoothly. It will help to give you focus and it will align your expectations for the duration of the build.

Preparing for your website is broken up into a few steps.

  • Getting a Hosting account. (takes only a few minutes once you settle on a company)
  • Installing the WordPress software on that hosting account. (again takes 5-10 minutes)
  • Customizing and personalizing your site. (obviously this takes the longest time and is an ongoing process)
  • Deciding what to put on your site. (this is the focus of this article  – read on)

Build a WordPress website

your WordPress Pyramid

Build a WordPress website

To build a WordPress website is a very popular thing to do. It’s probably the most user friendly and effective platform on the internet. With that popularity has come the need for experienced users and developers to answer this question of ” what goes into build a wordpress website”.


The basic things needed to build a WordPress website.


First of all you need WordPress loaded on hosting hosting provider.
Every website on the internet exists as a software package running on a server somewhere.
We need a subscription to one of these servers where we can load an instance of WordPress software.
This will be our site. 

Themes: –

WordPress has thousands of free Themes to download and install.
All of which can be fine tuned to give a unique appearance for your site.
The WordPress software makes our website live.
Themes – just like a new suit of clothes – defines its appearance.
Not all themes look like the Thumbnail pictures they show in the theme directory, when you first install them.
(some do and its called “sample data”you can enable or disable).
The thumbnail is just there to show what is possible.
This is intentional or every second website on the internet would look the same.
Some people would never change the colors, pictures etc to arrive at their own unique appearance.

Plugins (Free): –

How long to build a website?

how long to build a website

How long to build a website?

People ask me how long to build a website. Well we really need to define what that means so we are on the same page. There are various stages of the process, so we need to understand at what point ‘ how long to build a website ‘ is achieved. I use WordPress as the software platform for building websites . It is solid and very user friendly. So all the suggestions you see here relate to that platform. From there we will have a common understanding and expectation.

For purposes of our discussion lets say fully built means:-

  • a site that is live on the web,
  • has the appearance and theme we are trying to promote
  • has the important functionality working.
  • has some content to add meaning to our sites message

Remember websites are intrinsically Dynamic in their nature.

They continually have new articles , posts and content added.
A new website will continue to grow in content.
So lets keep that in perspective when we talk about how long to build a website

Let’s look at the stages of how long to build a website in depth


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