Build me a Website #1

build me a website

Build me a Website #1

Are you interested in having a website but are apprehensive about where to start? Please build me a Website. Maybe you are a little daunted by new unfamiliar terms? Well, give me a call. I can do it for you/ with you and guide you through at various levels to suit individual needs.

Basic Nothing started(build me a website)

“I can get it up and running “
I can guide you to sign up for web hosting with your prefered provider.
Help you secure the Domain name of your choice. ( I need your involvement here for you to take ownership of these items)
Get the initial install of WordPress installed and live.
Choose a suitable Theme for the overall appearance of your  website.
Configure the important start up settings.
Configure Homepage – Banner and image.
Create primary pages:- About, Home, Blog, Contact, Post Archive, Privacy policy.
Install the basic required plugins so your site has the required functionality.
Install contact forms and configure email settings.
Guide you through basic usage and maintenance of your site.

Free Website offers

Fourth freedom

Free Website offers

Have you noticed all the adverts for “free website” out there?

I see them everyday. There are many.

I even see them on Facebook.  I see Wix, (not the dot org), Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, Yola……the list goes on.

Take a minute, think about it. If its a free website – where does the money come from to pay for the advertising?

It’s about now that you come back down to earth, and you realise what you always knew.

There are no free feeds out there. There is always a point when money has to change hands for the wheels to keep turning.

This is true of all these deals.

It may be that they have limitation:-

  • Initial period is free, after which you have to pay (this is after you have built you dream website and have become attached to it like the family pet. You just can’t let go so you pay up.
  • They give you a free domain, but you cant take it with you if you leave.
  • You need to add more than just the very basic functionality, but you have to pay for the upgrade.
  • You need to cross post to social media from your site but it is not allowed.
  • You want to add a level of ecommerce or sell things from your site, again you may need to pay for a higher cost package.
  • You want to change hosts for whatever reason, you cant take the site and go because you never owned it.

There is a lot to be said for owning your site. Having all freedoms with that site. Knowing what your Domain name, and hosting costs are up front so you can set the budget. No upgrades or freedoms to be purchased when you can least afford it or if your website takes off.

Beyond the Simple contact form 7


Beyond the Simple contact form 7

So now you have setup a simple Contact Form 7 on your WordPress website. People can use it to send mail to communicate with you. They use the Contact form to send me their questions which are delivered to your linked email account.

So what if you want to;-

  • Send/ broadcast an email to all the people on my website?
  • Create and add a newsletter subscription form to your website
  • Manage your subscribers and subscriber lists in WordPress
  • Build and send newsletters with WordPress
  • Create automatic emails to send new post notifications
  • Send automated signup welcome emails (now in free)

Well those functions are a bit beyond the scope of a lowly Contact Form 7. We need a mailing and Newsletter plugin to achieve them.

Add a Newsletter plugin to augment the Contact form

There are many options free, paid, and *Freemium. Some do the job better than others.

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